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Living UnBoldted

At Unboldted Wellness, I am committed to helping you get to the bottom of whatever you are facing. Horses don't need to be the mystery they are made out to be at times. Aside from myself, I have an incredible team I work with who are just as determined as I am to help you overcome these obstacles. Getting too, and staying at peak performance can be so simple, yet so hard. I am here to help bridge that gap for you. Whether it's the mental game that needs work, physical barriers or emotional barriers, UnBoldted is here to get you and your horse past that. I offer a wide range of modalities that keep you and your equine partner at the top. Keeping it simple, in return you and your horses will thrive.

Staying in top mental shape while competing is not an easy task. Coaching for the horse and rider is something I am incredibly passionate about. My approach to coaching is about breaking down barriers you have created for yourself and helping you find the truth in what is holding you back, breaking through that barrier and gaining control of it.

My Mission: Becoming UnBoldted from what is Boldting you down.




PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is using a pulse to recharge the body’s magnetic field. This oxygenates the blood, allowing the blood cells to flow freely. In doing this, we are reducing pain & inflammation, creating an environment where the body can heal itself and function the way it should. PEMF is creating healthy cells which will detoxify the body and push out any toxins we don't want that can prolong recovery.


Cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy that is applied using a device that sprays subzero air onto the body. The benefits include:

Improves performance by raising adrenaline and endorphin levels, reduces pain, inflammation, accelerates muscle recovery, increases range of motion, promotes a faster recovery from exercise, training, competition, and decreases downtime due to injury or surgery.


Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural ionic flow. Microcurrent devices stimulate the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy. This accelerates cell repair and promotes healthier cell production, which improves circulation, helps lymphatic drainage, reduces pain, speeds wound healing, and stimulates nerves for regeneration.


Breaking up scar tissue and stagnant facia is incredibly important to optimize your horses range of motion. This activates and drains the lymphatic system. Using techniques like muscle scraping and our deep tissue massager, your horse will be feeling loose and relaxed over their whole body. 


Photon (light) energy releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide leads to increased vasodilation (blood cells get larger), which increases blood flow with oxygen and nutrients. Cells and nerves operate at homeostasis, thus reducing pain. Increased circulation promotes healthy tissue growth. Some other benefits to Red Light therapy are; detoxification, reduced muscle tension, deeper relaxation, and reduced inflammation in cells. 

Wholefood ingredients
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Wholefood horse feed

Proud distributer of Crypto Aero Wholefood horse feed



Broken elbow recovery
whole body health transition

My mare Dunny broke her elbow in 5 places on January 1st 2023. We were torn what to do for her quality of life but dunny had a will to live. We were referred to Camille for rehab. We dropped off Dunny for 4 weeks where she got therapy sessions 1-2 times a day. She healed better than anyone expected and was fully weight baring on her leg in 1 week of being at Camille's house. Camille was so great to always send us pictures of dunny and updates on her progress. She is truly a wonderful person and made sure dunny had the best care she needed while she was there. I was recently able to sit on dunny, something I wasn't sure I would ever have the opportunity to do again. Thank you for everything!           ~Ally S.

"Camille played a pivotal role in the journey getting my horse back. After being stumped with bizarre symptoms and behavior on my mare, Camille and her team were able to get us back on track and my horse feels better than ever! I could tell through this whole process that Camille genuinely cared and wanted to help my horse. Camille consistently followed up with me. She is caring, genuine and skilled. Her process is simple and, in the end, cheaper than throwing money at supplements that didn't make a difference. The difference in these pictures is a combination of Camille's bodywork, visits to her referred professionals and switching to her the wholefood feed, Crypto Aero."          ~ Rachel W.


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